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999 lives MeWow




A Cat only has Nine Lives

I am a Net Kitty, I Have

999 plus lives

talk to someone who will listen

Become Self Employed and work for yourself

This is an example of working for an existing online business.

The Amazon Store

Home is what you make it, Make Amazon you shopping home!

We are all searching for something, what are you looking for?
Do you have an old phone that needs repairing, or are you looking for an antique?  This is an online business that started with a sellable product

Amazon Office Supplies

Need Business supplies or equipment?  Check Amazon (electronic Office Supplies)

Starting an Online Business is not as easy as you might believe (or that they would have you believe). For that reason Pihunter Enterprises, LLC is providing a site to help in the process.  [ this is a member site, but there are no sign up fees - just create your user name and password to enter ]CLICK HERE
There really is more than one way to skin a cat

Regardless of what you are looking for, all businesses on the Internet require a WEB SITE, a Hosting Service and some way to market what they have. I personally like Network Solutions as a Host provider for my own site. They are a stable platform, reaonably priced, and their web designer makes it extremely easy to develop your own web page presentations.

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